My name is Amos Fadele – Mr FIA simply called “Mr FIA” and I love it.

I am an Ardent Business Growth Strategist, a Marketing Expert, TechPreneur and an International Conference Speaker. Some special things I also love well are Arts, Entertainment and Tourism.

My work has always been to develop and help implement tailor-made business growth strategies for businesses for them to grow massively, cut costs of operations and increase their revenue drastically.

Let’s discuss and have a free solution-oriented business development review on your business, after that we can now deal better if you love the results which I’m sure you would.

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Savadub Tech Solutions

Enterprise Software Solutions, Web Services, Apps Development, Online Radio & Web TV Development/Hosting, Digital Marketing

As a Business Growth Strategist, I help companies and individual businesses bring up and monitor tailor-made strategies for their business needs to actualize a solid goal or set of goals in their business operations, whether to cut cost of operations, improve productivity, increase sales and revenues, expand their reach and business network, get their brands, products and services known both online and offline and many more. All my clients love me and I always put in my best.

We all know that business needs are becoming more pressing day by day, more workloads are to be taken care of, costs of operations are increasing and many factors are sucking the expected revenues of many companies. To tackle and solve these issues, tech solutions which are efficient, affordable and reliable are to be deployed since we are now in a digital world. This is why my I.T company is created many years ago and our core values haven’t changed or diminished. Savadub Tech Solutions is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. (Did I remember to tell you that I can personally write some lines of computer codes?) So, I know a little in that case to be dangerous, smiles. If not, how will I be a TechPreneur?

Musenta Macop Services

eCommerce, Music & Entertainment Marketing, Consultancy and Promotion

One of the biggest industries in the world in general is the Entertainment industry. Though it’s big, but many players in this industry are faced with a lot of difficulties especially in revenue generation. Then we said, “what if we can bring up an amazing platform, combined with sophisticated tech tools and eCommerce with the delivery of professionals from all needed fields, can’t we solve these difficulties?” Believe me, we did as suggested and planned and boom! we nailed it and built the first ever all-in-one full fledged multi-vendor entertainment marketplace which features digital products, physical products and services, all on one marketplace. (The new platform is to be unveiled soon, we are running upgrade presently moving from the Classified ads model to our promised land). Musenta.com (Musenta Macop Services) has correspondence offices in many countries both in and out of Africa. (I think it’s a good thing to let you know that you would find it so difficult to beat me when it comes to dancing. I can play few musical instruments and sing along too). So you know where I got the title of an Entertainment Merchant and part of what turned me to a Savvy priest when it comes down to eCommerce.

Toureza International

African Arts & Tourism Promotion, Exhibitions, Tours

We can’t just sit and continue watching the decadence in morals and ethics among our youths. We also know that we can make the world outside see the beauty of the motherland Africa and to appreciate her values and heritage. These are the reasons why myself and some bright minds came together and founded a Not-For-Profit Organisation to cater for the mentioned needs to promote African Arts, Cultures ,Values, etc. through modern Tourism and Exhibitions. Toureza International is growing and we have members in different African countries both home and in diaspora.

There are some other amazing brands I’m connected to which I would be updating here soon..

By now, I’ve made you know that I’m directly connected to some amazing brands. To know more about them visit the website of each of them.

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One thing is to be a Coach, Consultant and Trainer just because of the payments to be received, and it’s another thing entirely to be in the business to help other people achieve their personal and business goals as you are achieving yours. If you consult me on Business Development Strategy you shall have these experiences to better help you…

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