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Facebook Advertising

Google Advertising

Email marketing

Content Marketing

Sales Funnels Setup

Web Design And Blog Setup with WordPress

Web Design With Coding (HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL)

Android And iOS Apps Development with React Native

And Others


(Worth = #10, 000) You are getting it for FREE


Whether you are a newbie to Facebook advertising or you’ve been doing it for some years, this section on Facebook advertising would be a treasure to you and your business success.
If you’ve been getting your ads disapproved, account banned or have very poor sales from Facebook, this section would be the best solution you’ve ever came across
Imagine getting all your adverts approved by Facebook. I mean every time, no matter what you promote. Weight loss, Sexual health, Money making products, And every other health products as long as you aren’t promoting guns or bullets.
Asides getting your ads approved, you’ll learn how to get crazy conversions and sales.
I won’t bore you with the many stories of how Facebook has been disapproving ads and getting accounts banned… you know that already.
Now, you can sell off your imported items, health products and courses without worrying about being banned or disapproved, using high powered conversion techniques.


For new and intermediate advertisers who want to learn Facebook advertising from scratch.
27 POWERFUL videos for newbies who want to become facebook experts.
  • ✓ How to set up your advert account for success unlike most people who start having failures with their ads from the set up.
  • ✓ How to target the right audience like a pro (updated version). Would show you how I target the right people that will take action on my ads.
  • ✓ The content writing secrets- The 4 types of content that works well on Facebook
  • ✓ 3 image and video types that helps increase conversion and sales.
  • ✓ How to get a dollar card for free that you use in making payment.
  • ✓ How to run the ads like the the pros do it even if you currently know nothing about ads
  • ✓ How to build your custom audience and retarget them for more sales.
  • ✓ How to create powerful ads on instagram.


For advanced Facebook advertisers who already know how to run ads but need special strategies to get approved every time and boost conversion.
The section contains 5 straight to the point but very powerful videos for experts or semi experts
  • ✓ The 3 most important components of your ads that makes facebook fall in love with your ads and approve it almost immediately. No disapproval or even ban.
  • ✓ How the pros run conversion driven ads for sales and massive list building.
  • ✓ The one thing you should put in your ad to make your conversion go over the roof. I learnt this from a solid pattern that works for the best copywriters.
With this, It is bye bye to having your ads disapproved and running adverts that don’t convert.


(Worth = #10, 000) You are getting it for FREE

Google Advertising is one of the greatest digital marketing activities which every business that desires to scale well and attract ideal and targeted clients/customers to their business must engage.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the Advertising space or you are already a Pro, you would learn awesome secrets of successful advertising through the amazing contents in this section on Google Advertising.

8 videos to take you from scratch to Pro
  1. Intro to Google ads
  2. Account set up
  3. Keyword research
  4. Spying on competitors
  5. Creating campaigns
  6. Creating adgroups
  7. Creating ads
  8. Display ads

With these, you can start taking up high paying Advertising Contract on Google Advertising


(Package Worth = #90,000) You would make a commitment of a token here

Here you would get awesome resources which would take you from newbie position to an expert position in Email Marketing. Also, if you are already an expert, with the contents in this package, you would become more than an expert.


Table of Contents
Lesson 1: An Introduction To Email Marketing 
  • First, a Few Stats
  • Top Reasons You NEED to Invest in Email Marketing
Lesson 2: Autoresponder Comparison and Review 
  • What is an Autoresponder?
  • How to Choose an Autoresponder
  • Comparisons
  • Summary
Lesson 3: Top Tools for Creating Landing Pages 
  • Do You Really Need a Landing Page Tool?
  • More Useful Tools
Lesson 4: Opt-In Landing Page Tactics 
  • Some Things to Consider
  • Two More Techniques: Incentives and Pressure
  • Getting People to Your Landing Page


Lesson 5: Email Copywriting – How To Write Effective Email Copy That Gets Opens and Clicks 
  • How to Write Well
  • How to Write Copy That Gets Clicked and Read
Lesson 6: Subscriber Relationship Building 
  • Understanding the Value of Your List
  • How to Build Real Relationships
  • Things Not to Do
Lesson 7: Autoresponder Sequence Power
  • Why an Autoresponder Sequence is Such a Good Strategy
  • Some Things to Consider
  • How to Write the Perfect Autoresponder Sequence
Lesson 8: Landing Page Traffic – How To Drive Traffic To Your Opt-in Landing Page 
  • PPC
  • Blogging
  • Solo Ads and Ad Swaps
Lesson 9: List Monetization Tactics 
  • Selling a Product
  • PLR
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Physical Products
  • Sell Ads
Lesson 10: List Segmentation 
  • Targeting by Demographics
  • The Way to Think About Your Subscribers and Leads
  • Using This to Your Advantage


Lesson 11: Getting Inboxed – Your Guide to Email Deliverability 
  • How to Improve Your Sender Score
  • Getting Into the Main Inbox
Lesson 12: Email List Maintenance 
  • Why Email Hygiene is So Important
  • Top Ways to Maintain Email Hygiene




Insider secrets to crafting messages that get noticed, compel clicks and generate sales.
  • – How To NOT Get Rich With Email
  • – How to do Email Marketing To Generate sales like a Magician using Magic
  • – How to write and deliver emails that would make you get Noticed, Heard, Believed, Accepted.
  • – How to write and send emails that Get delivered, Get seen, Get opened, Get clicked.
  • – The ABC of Hypnotism and how you can use it in your Email Marketing campaign
  • – The right way to engage storytelling in your emails for maximum conversions.
  • – Anatomy Of A Money-Making Email
  • – The 4 Messaging Angles you should adopt to make your Email Marketing a super successful one.




Email marketing has the potential to be the single most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. Don’t take my word for it: if you check the blogs of any of the biggest ‘make money’ experts on the web, they will almost unanimously advise that email marketing should be front and center as part of your marketing and that it is more profitable than many other kinds combined!
But the fact remains that a lot of people aren’t going about their email marketing in the right way. Unfortunately, they have been misguided or they simply got the wrong end of the stick. As a result, they will spend an awful lot of time treading water and not making any progress. This is frustrating and it leads a lot of marketers to give up on this aspect of their marketing strategy.
This report is here to change that for you. Herein, you will find 21 incredibly powerful hacks that can instantly increase your engagement, your deliverability, your conversions and more. Are you ready? Let’s go!



Chapter Content 
Introduction Page 3
Hack #1: Fortune Favors The Brave Page 5
Hack #2: Niche Selection and Promotion Page 10
Hack #3: Text or Html Emails? Page 13
Hack #4: Tracking & Split Testing Email Blasts Page 15
Hack #5: Subject Lines That Kills! Page 22
Hack #6: Easy Autoresponder Series For Any Niche Page 25
Hack #7: Reducing Email Marketing Costs Page 29
Closing Words



– What is Funnel Hacking: This explain Funnel Hacking in details and how you would greatly benefit from it
– Tips for Funnel Hacking: Doing Funnel Hacking the best way is the key. This segment gives you amazing tips for a effective ways you can hack sales funnels for your advantage.
– Tools for Funnel Hacking: This segment lists amazing tools which are needed for a successful funnel hacking and the use of awesome Sales Funnel for your business.


(Worth = #50, 000) You are getting everything as well for FREE


How to design any stunning and professional website with WordPress (video tutorials, books and manuals)
  • – using cPanel
  • – installing WordPress
  • – Installing themes
  • – what are plugins and how to use and install them.
  • – Building amazing web pages using Page builders
  • – Creating an awesome blog
  • – creating an eCommerce site using WordPress
  • – setting payment gateways to accept payment online
  • – Get any WordPress Premium Theme and plugin for free.
  • – Everything you need to know on Building any site using WordPress

B. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery, etc.

Coding your site with front-end languages, framework and libraries
  • – Learning and writing HTML5 codes
  • – Styling your site with CSS3
  • – Writing client-side programs with Javascript
  • – Building pages faster with Bootstrap frameworks
  • – Writing pages and client-side programs easily with jQuery

    C. PHP and The Introduction to its FRAMEWORKS

    Coding your site with front-end languages, framework and libraries
    • – Learning PHP
    • – Writing good PHP codes
    • – Coding your server side programs with PHP
    • -Connecting your server side programs with your frontend
    • Speaking with your server through PHP

      D. MySQL

      • – Learning about Database
      • – Learning MySQL
      • – Creating, Updating, Deleting a database
      • – Connecting your site to a database
      • – importing and exporting a database



        • Learning React Native 
        • Building Mobile Apps using React Native
        • Building Android Apps
        • Building iOS Apps


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